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School opening arrangements March 2021

Whole School Opening - 8th March 2021

We are very excited to announce that in line with the current government guidance Tooting Primary School will be opening fully from Monday 8th March 2021. We are so very excited about seeing you all and welcoming you back on site!

The plans that I am writing to share with you are provisional and subject to change over time and are in line with all government guidance and updates on safety and school openings set out on 22nd February 2021.

We have worked hard looking at all elements of the school day at Tooting Primary School and we have risk assessed each and constructed a plan to limit the risk as much as possible. No amount of planning and risk assessing can eliminate any risk entirely, but our aim is to control the infection as much as possible by following all guidance received from Public Health England, the government and the local authority.

The following information is aimed at providing you with as much details of this as possible. However, if you have further questions then please contact me here at school and I will do my best to try to provide answers where possible.

Will all children be returning on the 8th March 2021?

We are very pleased to say yes!

The guidance is very clear, school attendance is  mandatory for all school aged pupils.  At Tooting Primary School, all children will be expected to return to school from Monday 8th March 2021 unless they are unwell or shielding and in this instance the office must be informed immediately.  

If you have concerns regarding your child’s return please contact me directly and we can discuss this further.

 How will social distancing be maintained?

Following the government guidance all classes will be kept in class bubbles as far as possible during the day. For example, the children will be taught by a class teacher and will have the support of a teaching assistant in their classroom. This group of children will have their lunchtimes and breaktimes together, and where possible they will not mix with any other bubble. The class TA will be on duty with their group during breaktimes and lunchtimes. The exception to this will be a PPA teacher once a week and the very rare possibility that a member of the leadership team or supply teacher may cover due to illness. This is to ensure that there is the minimum possibility of contamination across the school. Where possible social distancing of 2m will be maintained, and where this is not possible 1m+ will be adopted.

Will the curriculum change?

The curriculum will not be changing, English, maths and topic will all be taught as normal. There will also be an emphasis on pastoral support both in class and individually.

PE lessons will continue as normal – we will have a more regular washing routine for all equipment to ensure that everything is cleaned on a regular basis. However please note that there will be no swimming in any year group. Music lessons will continue onsite as normal.

 Will Google Classroom still be running?

The Google Classroom platform will be used during any class bubble closure.

Any child that is required to isolate due to Covid-19 will be able to access learning through Google Classroom.

Will there be trips and clubs?

We have made the decision that for the time being we will not be offering any after school or before school clubs, the exception to this is our wrap around care provided by ActivCamp.

Trips off site, apart from our community visits, will not initially run. We do not feel that it would be safe for the children to use public transport in large numbers. However we have planned ‘wow’ days each half term instead of a trip where the children will have a themed day based on the topic that they are learning about - I am sure the children will thoroughly enjoy these days!

Will there be assemblies?

We are unfortunately unable to have large gatherings therefore assembles will be virtual.

Changes to the start and end of the day

To minimise contact between children and adults we ask that as much as possible year 6 come to school independently and if parents are walking children to school one parent accompanies a child. We will be continuing to operate a staggered start/end of the day and a drop off system, no adults are to be waiting onsite.

Year Group

Start of Day

End of Day


8.45 – 8.55am

Reception gates

3 – 3.10pm

Reception gates

Year 1

8.35 – 8.45am

Office gates

3 – 3.10pm

Main playground

Year 2

8.35 – 8.45am

Office gates

3 – 3.10pm

Main playground

Year 3

8.35 -8.45am

Reception gates

3.10 -3.20pm

Reception gates

Year 4

8.35 -8.45am

Reception gates

3.10 – 3.20pm

Main playground

Year 5

8.45 – 8.55am

Franciscan Road, black gate (most children to come to school on their own please)


Main playground

Year 6

8.35 – 8.45am

Franciscan Road, black gate (most children to come to school on their own please)

3.20 – 3.30pm

Main playground

ASD Base


Office gates


Office gates

What will lunchtimes and breaktimes look like?

Breaktimes will continue to be staggered. Lunchtimes are also staggered and will include a time in the hall, classroom and playground. During both breaktimes children and staff will not mix with other bubbles. The playground has been marked out with 4 zones which the class bubbles will stay in. During these times children will also be encouraged to be spaced apart, this will not be through additional markings but supervision and talking to the children.

When in the lunch hall the children will be sat with a space between each other to maintain distancing and there are markings in the hall to space children out whilst they are queuing for their food. Children will wash their hands regularly throughout the day. During lunchtime we understand and the guidance discusses that social distancing will be a challenge and therefore following the guidance we will adopt a 1m+ rule.

How will classrooms be organised?

To ensure social distancing, all desks will be spaced apart and following the most recent guidance, as far as possible desks will face the front of the room and not in groups. So that all surfaces can be regularly and thoroughly cleaned, all soft furnishings and toys have continued to be removed from classrooms as per the government guidance and children will be given their own equipment to use which will be regularly washed and not shared.

Due to the size of our classrooms we will operate a 1m+ rule. There will be no use of carpet space in any classroom. Every class has handwashing facilities, with a hand sanitizer provided by each door. Regular handwashing with be an essential part of each day!

Can I come in to the school office?

No, the school office continues to be closed to visitors.

If you would like to talk to a member of the office team or a member of staff please send an email to parents@tootingprimary.org or call the office on 020 3700 0790. If you would like to drop something off for your child it will be collected at the school gate by a member of staff. If your child is late she/he must come to the school office and collect a late card.

All ASD Base children are to continue be collected and dropped off in the playground where a member of the base team will collect them, these classes are not to use the school office.

Will there be any trips or swimming


No classes will be swimming.

Can my child wear a face mask?

This is the choice of individual parents. It does not state in the government guidance that face masks should be worn. However if children bring in a face mask they are more than welcome to wear it. However it does state clearly in the guidance that if children choose to wear a mask it is their individual responsibility. Guidance also states that staff are not to help a child put on a mask or take it off as this risks cross contamination. If a child loses a mask, it is again their responsibility.

What should my child bring to school?

All children will wear their normal school uniform when in school. They will also need to bring:

    • A named water bottle. Children will not be able to drink from the water fountains directly and we will not provide cups. All children must bring a water bottle that can be refilled labelled with their name.
    • If your child is having a cold lunch they will need to bring their lunch box
  • A coat
  • A healthy snack

What will happen if a confirmed case of Covid 19 is reported in school?

We will follow the government guidance and guidelines.

However any child that has ANY symptoms themselves must self-isolate for 10 days. If a member of a household has symptoms everyone who lives in the house, including children must self-isolate for 10 days. If the child then gets symptoms while self-isolating – they must self-isolate for 10 days from when their symptoms started, even if it means they are self-isolating for longer than 10 days.

It is extremely important that if your child is absent from school with Covid symptoms that the office are informed immediately and you go to a test center. As soon as you receive your results you must inform the school office in case we need to take any action. It is extremely important that we keep our whole community safe and therefore this communication is essential.

If a case of Covid is confirmed in a class we will follow the government protocol and inform the local authority and follow their guidance. It may not mean that a whole class is asked to self-isolate but individuals who have been in close contact may be asked to do so instead. We will ensure all communication with relevant parents is quick and clear if this is to happen.

How are we supporting our most vulnerable families?

A questionnaire has been sent out, this questionnaire is confidential and is an opportunity for parents to make us aware of any issues that have affected families and children whilst they have been off school. If you would like to make us aware of anything and would like our support please complete the questionnaire and return it to us using pastoral@tootingprimary.org.

If you have a specific pastoral concern at any time, please email our pastoral leader Miss Pereira at pastoral@tootingprimary.org and she will be able to offer advice and support.

Will these plans change?

I hope not! However please be aware that the plans outlined in this letter are in line with the current guidance updated in February 2021 and may be subject to change before we open. We ask you all to keep checking your emails and our Twitter feed in case of any changes as we will keep you updated through these channels.

I hope you have a safe and restful holiday, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you when you return on 8th March!

Ms Wilson


Please click here to see the School's current Risk Assessment