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TPs Staff 2019/20

* Denotes Safeguarding team

Area of Responsibility



Acting Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Assessment Lead

Standards: Teaching & Learning

*Miss Dixon


Assistant Headteacher

Teaching & Learning Manager

Curriculum Lead

MLT Leader

*Miss Boreham

EYFS Mercury

Communications Lead and Disadvantaged team member

Miss Elliot

Miss Gould (P/T)

Miss Wilson (P/T)

EYFS Apollo

Lower Phase Leader

Phonics Lead

*Miss C. Jones

Mrs Rogerson


Year 1 Atlantis

Miss Ball

Mrs N. Patel

Year 1 Enterprise

Miss Edwards

Miss Manzi

Year 2 Gemini

Middle Phase Leader

English Lead

*Miss Drake

Miss Perkins

(Trainee Teacher)

Year 2 Endeavour

RE & PSHE Lead

Miss Finan

Mrs D. Patel

Year 3 Jupiter

Science Lead

Miss Richardson 

Miss Allen

Year 3 Viking

Music Lead

Pupil Premium Lead

Miss Tigg

Mr Perry

Year 4 Pioneer

Humanities Lead

Miss Tyler

Miss Akhtar

Year 4 Mariner

Miss Way

Miss Khhaan

Year 5 Mir

Miss Faiella

Miss Brown

Year 5 Selene

Computing Lead

Miss Kocaman

Year 6 Ariel

DT Lead

Miss Oakley

Miss Bryce (LSA)

Year 6 Juno

Upper Phase Leader

Maths Lead

*Miss Packer

Miss Molyneux

(Trainee Teacher)

EYFS & Years 1 - 2

ASD Base, Little Explorers

EAL Lead

Mrs A. Jones

Miss Benton

Miss Sanmartin

Miss Barrett 

Years 3 - 6

ASD Base, Galaxy Class

MFL Lead

Miss Suarez

Miss Washington

Mr Royes

Head of ASD Base

*Miss Hendricks


Designated Safeguarding Lead

*Miss Ejem

Midday Assistants

Ms Allen, Mrs Okot, Mrs Mujib, Mrs Thiyagarajan, Mrs Khalique, Mrs Thompson


Mrs Scott-Lewis (Maternity leave)

PE Lead

*Miss Gosia

Pastoral Lead *Miss Pereira
PPA Teacher Mr Gibson

Office Staff

Miss Pinto

(Office Manager)

Mrs Barker

Mrs Walker

Site Manager

Mr Wright