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ASD Base

ASD Base - A resource base for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The Resource Base at Tooting Primary School is a welcome addition.

The Base is integrated into the main school building. The provision will cater for 21 children from Reception to Year 6 across two classrooms and a sensory room. 


Please be advised that admissions to our base is not through the general admissions process as with the mainstream school but is strictly through the Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Service (SNAS) only


Tour Dates for 2024 Reception cohort

  • Thursday 2nd November @ 10am
    Thursday 23rd November @ 9:30am
    Monday 4th December @ 9:30am

Our Provision

We provide: 

  • Calm and positive class environments
  • Access to a broad and balanced curriculum with high quality learning activities and experiences
  • A personalised curriculum to suit the learning style and specific needs of each child
  • Specialist teaching strategies will be used to support communication and independence skills such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and TEACCH (Treatment and Education of related Communication Handicapped)
  • Opportunities to integrate into the mainstream classes with support
  • A commitment to work with parents and carers


The ASD Base will follow the same curriculum topics as the mainstream classes. Our aim is for, where appropriate, children to integrate into the mainstream classes with support.

This will be dependent on their individual needs and appropriate preparation will be given to support all children. Children will also have the opportunity to complete planned activities within their ASD class. These opportunities will be carefully planned by both the ASD and mainstream teacher. 

In addition to these topics, the ASD Base will plan and deliver a social skills curriculum which will have a strong emphasis on PSHE provision. These sessions will focus on family life, themselves, independence skills, their community, friendships and safety. Trained staff will also deliver sessions following set therapy packages, such as speech and language work. 

Community Visits

Classes have the opportunity to arrange visits into the local community. These are local trips to places that some children find difficult to visit.

These trips can often have many benefits particularly related to PSHE, for example they promote the development of independence and life skills. A visit could be to the local library to collect books related to the class topic or to a supermarket to buy snack time items. The park would also be another option where the children would have the opportunity to develop their turn taking skills with peers and local children as well as being able to consider personal safety. Visits to the park would also support physical development and early communication skills.

If you have any queries you can please contact:

Miss Hendricks (Head of Base)
Tel: 020 3700 0790