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Tooting Jigsaw

Building on understanding gained through the PSCHE curriculum, all pupils will be expected to develop citizenship skills in order to prepare them to leave Tooting Primary.

With the values and ethos on which the school is based visible in their attitudes, behaviour, and demeanour.

A matrix of activities, skills and experiences, to be known as the ‘Tooting Jigsaw’, mapped across each year and developed both in the classroom and in after and out of school activities, will be the basis for a record of achievement for each pupil. It will ensure that pupils who struggle to reach the highest academic levels will still leave the school with a sense of self esteem, derived from their participation in this award.

The Tooting Jigsaw is intended to demonstrate that each pupil has acquired the following:

  • An enquiring mind, a love of learning, and an appetite to continue learning
  • The ability to speak to groups of peers and groups of adults with equal confidence
  • An understanding of and commitment to healthy lifestyles including nutrition and fitness and confidence in at least one sport or physical activity
  • An understanding of how to stay safe both physically and in the virtual world
  • A sense of social responsibility and a respect for the institutions that form the cornerstones of life in the UK
  • An cultural appreciation including the ability to sing and/or play a musical instrument