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How the curriculum is taught

Our curriculum is based on a Topic approach to learning.

This means that each term, teachers plan their learning activities around a central theme to make learning more interesting and fun .

We follow National Curriculum guidelines (2014) to ensure that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum. Where learning cannot be planned into the topic, they will be taught discreetly, e.g. certain strands of maths, RE, music, science.

Our normal school day includes English and maths teaching on a morning, including phonics in Key Stage 1. This is followed by subjects such as science, PE, music and topic which include history, geography, art and DT, in the afternoon. These are taught in blocks rather than a subject a day, for example a week of history, a week of geography. This approach really allows us to dive deeply in to the subjects and build on our knowledge and skills throughout the week.

We believe in embedding our creative curriculum through our English lessons is extremely beneficial. Each year group reads a different text through their guided reading lessons and these are the foundation for the English sessions that follow. The texts are picked to link with the creative curriculum subjects and relevance to our wider community.

You can find more information relating to how children are taught English and maths on the English and Maths pages in this section.

We hope you find this useful and if you ever require anymore information, please contact the school.