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Speech and Language Therapy – Support for speech, language and social communication skills

The base has a speech and language therapist who supports all children who access the base.

There is an emphasis on collaborative working between therapy and teaching staff, who plan, set targets and work together to develop pupils’

  • Understanding of language e.g. words, concepts and instructions
  • Use of language e.g. vocabulary and sentence structures
  • Pragmatic language skills (using language for a range of functions) e.g. making requests, making comments, asking questions
  • Social skills e.g. taking turns, playing and interacting appropriately with peers, building friendships
  • Understanding of feelings, emotions and facial expressions

How is speech and language therapy delivered?

Individualised therapy programmes will be set for children in the base following assessment and observation by the speech and language therapist and information gathered from parents/carers and teaching staff. 

Our speech and language therapist is able to provide advice and assistance to mainstream and base teaching staff to support pupils to access the curriculum. In addition to in-class support, children from the base may receive speech and language therapy within small group, paired or individual work, depending on their needs. 

Therapy may be delivered alongside mainstream peers to support integration and generalisation of skills.

Keeping in contact

You can keep in regular contact with the therapist via your child’s home-school book. We also have regular reviews of progress and targets with parents, face-to-face or over the telephone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss.